Tuesday, April 10, 2012

about the Trojan war

The Trojan war was between Greece and Troy in Asia minor and now called Turkey (right now turkey sounds good ;) the wall was tough even the Greece,s could not break it. The Trojan war started around 1250 b.c the army's made swords and daggers out of bronze. There are 3 types of shields a circle shield , a eight shield, last but not least a...............................................
tower  shield .

Nobles rode on chariots soldiers walked on foot. before the war happened the Mycenae's world was falling apart. There are sea people (called Mycenae's refuges) that invaded Cyprus and destroyed many other cites.
the Greece's were running out of options so a wise man told them to build a horse a horse  that you could sneak in the horse in a secret door in the horse. so now they need some bait (some one to go out of the horse and tell that this is a present ) so the person got out and told Troy that this is a present but they didn't believe him so some one went to the shore and saw 3 sea serpents and 1 took him so another person tried to help but another sea serpent took him and people believed that that was a sign of the gods to take the horse in the city of Troy and when they did they had a feast and then they were so tiered so they went to bed.
So after they were asleep they went out of the horse and they took over Troy.

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